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Submit your work


There are two options for entering the competition and submitting entries:

A. Using the FilmFreeway platform (Exclusively for short films and documentaries).

B. Using this participation form (For photographs this is the obligatory option).

To participate in the CIMASUB contest by sending us your work below you must perform the following steps: "STEP 1. Data of the author and the work" and "STEP 2: Submission of the work".

You can consult the section AWARDS 2022 beforehand to find out the requirements, what is valued and the prizes for this edition.

STEP 1. Author and work data

In STEP 1 fill out the following form to send us your data and those of your work. If you're submitting multiple jobs for multiple categories, you'll need to perform this process for each submitted job.

Select the category you want to participate in*

Author's Data - Director

Data of the work

Fields marked with * are mandatory fields