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Unprecedented success of participation in the 47th edition of CIMASUB

The organising team of the Donostia - San Sebastian International Underwater Film Series, CIMASUB, is proud to announce a new milestone in our competition. We would like to extend our sincere thanks to all participants for...

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ANDOAIN and PASAIA to host CIMASUB in September

The International Underwater Film Series, known as CIMASUB, is set to captivate sea and nature lovers in its exciting debut at ANDOAIN, followed by its second edition at PASAIA. This event offers a unique opportunity, with...

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Enrique Talledo and David Sánchez participate in the Environmental Communication School 2023

The University of the Basque Country (UPV) and the environmental agency IHOBE are proud to announce the upcoming "School of Environmental Communication 2023", which will take place within the framework of the summer courses at...

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Jesús Manuel Martínez Guerrero

We are very excited to receive this special mention from the CIMASUB jury for our work PLASTONIC LOVE. It is a luxury and a great pleasure to attend this wonderful contest, to enjoy all the great works presented, each one...

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Yolanda Coronado

After suffering a serious accident that prevented me from receiving my CIMASUB 2017 photography award live, for a collection of photos taken in the Canary Islands, Philippines and Indonesia. During my recovery I received the...

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Manuel Campillo

On three occasions we have had the opportunity to go to CIMASUB, which is doing such a good job of making our beloved SEA known in its many facets. Moreover, the work you are doing to make it known to as many children as...

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