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Vicente Leal Juan

Spectacular work, congratulations. Next year, you will break the mould. I'm glad that the Cycle team has woken up, there was a great need for people with enthusiasm, initiative and interest to come in. I congratulate you with...

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Regina González (Widow of Francisco Pizarro)

Now that a few weeks have passed since the 42nd edition of the San Sebastian International Underwater Film Festival (CIMASUB) ended, and after the great moments we have experienced and the intense emotions we have felt, I...

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Bernard Delemotte, compañero de Jacques Cousteau

For the 45th edition, San Sebastian received a special visit from Bernard Delemotte, marine operations engineer, diving director and underwater filmmaker and cameraman, who was the companion of Commander Jacques Cousteau for...

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Competition rules

If you want to send your work to participate in the cycle, you can read the competition rules here.