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Latest news

In February CIMASUB immerses Lasarte-Oria and Zarautz in an underwater show

This February, the International Underwater Film Series, CIMASUB, will captivate lovers of the underwater world in Lasarte-Oria and Zarautz. The 16th edition in Lasarte-Oria will take place on Monday 12th, 19th and 26th...

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Irun and Arrasate start the year with the ocean as the main attraction in January

In the month of January, the city of Irun and Arrasate are immersed in a fascinating underwater world with film and educational events that seek to raise awareness of the importance of preserving our oceans. From free...

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A review of 2023 results, to welcome the new year

2023 has been an extraordinary year full of exciting challenges and unprecedented successes. We want to share with you our annual summary, a twelve-page journey highlighting the key moments, hard work and figures that made the...

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Gorka Leclercq García

I have known about the underwater film series since I was 14 years old, when I first attended one of its screenings, and I have just turned 50. It is partly thanks to CIMASUB, the doyen of underwater image festivals in our...

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Carlos Bengoa (Radio Viajera y Donosti City)

It is already a classic in my diary to attend the cycle of this amazing underwater cinema. Short films and documentaries of the highest level of work, production and image quality. I also greatly value the day-to-day work of...

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Bernard Delemotte, compañero de Jacques Cousteau

In the 45th edition, San Sebastian received a special visit from Bernard Delemotte, marine operations engineer, diving director and underwater filmmaker and cameraman, who was the companion of commander Jacques Cousteau for...

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