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Latest news

CIMASUB and IUCN SSC Coral Specialist Group partner to boost coral conservation

We are thrilled to announce an exciting new partnership between CIMASUB and the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN). This collaboration marks a significant milestone in our efforts to promote marine...

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Underwater cinema on board the Mater throughout July as part of the Zero Zabor Uretan campaign

The Zero Zabor Uretan (Zero Garbage in the Water) campaign comes to the Basque Coast in July aboard the Ecoactive Museum Ship Mater. This initiative, now in its fifth edition, aims to raise awareness of the problem of marine...

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Participation in charity event in Pamplona in support of ALS sufferers

The group “Casino Solidario” has invited Subacuáticas Real Sociedad and Cimasub to participate in a charity event in support of ALS, to be held at the Casino of Pamplona. This event, which is part of the celebration of the...

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Rafa Herrero Massieu

For me, the International Underwater Film Festival of Donostia-San Sebastian is the maximum current reference for underwater images in Europe, an example and a dedication to the great passion of its founder, Francisco Pizarro,...

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Alberto Santolaria

The San Sebastian underwater film festival has always been for our association a place where we can exhibit the work we have done throughout the year. Our main area of work is the Basque coast, so we consider CIMASUB as...

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Yolanda Coronado

After suffering a serious accident that prevented me from receiving my CIMASUB 2017 photography award live, for a collection of photos taken in the Canary Islands, Philippines and Indonesia. During my recovery I received the...

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