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Latest news

Call for entries for the CIMASUB 2024 competition is now open

The eagerly awaited competition of the Donostia - San Sebastian International Underwater Film Festival, CIMASUB 2024, has officially kicked off. With a deadline for entries that runs until 15 September 2024, participants can...

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Next stop of the Cimasub Tour: Azpeitia and Hondarribia

In April, the International Underwater Film Series, CIMASUB, comes to Azpeitia and Hondarribia. Lovers of the underwater world will be able to enjoy the 4th edition in Azpeitia, thanks to the sponsorship of the Sustainability...

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In March CIMASUB comes to Deba

On Friday, the twenty-fifth edition of the International Underwater Film Series (CIMASUB) in Deba was unveiled. The presentation, which was attended by Mónica de Prado, 2nd deputy mayor of Deba Town Council, and David Sánchez,...

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Roge Blasco, winner of the Francisco Pizarro Award 2022

It has been an honour and a privilege to be awarded the Francisco Pizarro prize by Cimasub 2022.

The San Sebastian International Underwater Film Cycle's vocation for the conservation and protection of the oceans should be...

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Julio Martínez

I had the honour of taking part in this 47th edition of CIMASUB, one of the most prestigious film seasons in Europe, with the award-winning photograph in the "ecological awareness" category. Getting to know San Sebastian,...

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Rol Freeman (AOLDE Radio)

Rol Freeman from AOLDE Radio gives us his opinion in this video after spending 3 days with us in last year's Cycle. He also published this fantastic article that moved us completely. Thank you very much Rol, this is your home...

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