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Latest news

Participation in charity event in Pamplona in support of ALS sufferers

The group “Casino Solidario” has invited Subacuáticas Real Sociedad and Cimasub to participate in a charity event in support of ALS, to be held at the Casino of Pamplona. This event, which is part of the celebration of the...

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In June, CIMASUB visits Tolosa, Bilbao and Tenerife

The Cimasub Tour 2023/2024 continues unstoppable and this month arrives, in different formats, in Tolosa, Bilbao and Tenerife to continue with its objective of spreading the secrets of the seabed and raising awareness of the...

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Errenteria and Zumarraga host a month full of activities to protect the oceans

This May we visited Errenteria and Zumarraga. Packed with film screenings, photographic exhibitions and underwater Txikiziklos, we arrived in these two towns with all our enthusiasm to continue promoting the care and...

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Carlos Virgili

It fills me with pride and satisfaction to have participated in the only competition that has withstood the ravages of time, the crisis, the politics of the day, and other enemies of culture in these stormy waters that we have...

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Domenico Drago

I have always been an admirer of the cycle! Many years ago I was invited by the then president Paco Pizarro who had a photographic exhibition on the theme: Women and the sea, which was a great success with the public and...

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Regina González, Widow of Francisco Pizarro

Now that a few weeks have passed since the 42nd edition of the San Sebastian International Underwater Film Festival (CIMASUB) ended, and after the great moments we have experienced and the intense emotions we have felt, I...

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