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Aldo Gustavo Galante

Due to the fact that in 2018 I have been awarded with the "Denuncia Ecológica" Prize for the best Photo Gallery, we have had the opportunity to attend, together with my wife Luciana, this great CIMASUB Event.

Being from...

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Vicente Leal Juan

Spectacular work, congratulations. Next year, you will break the mould. I'm glad that the Cycle team has woken up, there was a great need for people with enthusiasm, initiative and interest to come in. I congratulate you with...

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Andoni Jiménez · Jesuitinas School Coordinator

Thank you very much for taking us, the pupils of Jesuitinas school, into account. The children have a lot of fun at the TXIKICICLO, they learn, which is the main objective, and they feel part of an activity that unites us to...

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Competition rules

If you want to send your work to participate in the cycle, you can read the competition rules here.