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Carlos Virgili

It fills me with pride and satisfaction to have participated in the only competition that has withstood the ravages of time, the crisis, the politics of the day, and other enemies of culture in these stormy waters that we have...

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José Carlos Rando Lara

José Carlos Rando Lara - VideoSub World Championship runner-up 2019

Once the 43rd edition of the International Underwater Film Festival of San Sebastian 2019 (CIMASUB) has finished, and even though I have been participating...

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Manel Gil

Congratulations on the organisation. We felt very welcome with your cordiality and attention at all times. In addition, we were able to enjoy the work of so many participants present and absent. The divers value and transmit...

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Competition rules

If you want to send your work to participate in the cycle, you can read the competition rules here.